Thursday, December 11, 2008

(What's outside my window....rain.)

1. There is a lot of talk on writers blogs about the state of the publishing industry and how the economy is effected it now and in the future. Rachelle Gardener and Chip MacGregor, Christian literary agents, have some interesting posts. I'd like to put out there to any author that is feeling depressed or fearful not to lose heart. Hold on to Proverbs 16:3. 'Commit your works unto the Lord and he will establish your thoughts.'

2. Today, I will be building a new website through doteasy. My site was with freewebs, but I'm canceling since it was attacked by a trojan through a banner ad and they did nothing to help. I'm excited to make a new look, new information. I'll post the url when I am through.

3. Here are a few things printed in the Frederick News Post one-hundred-years ago. Frederick at that time, was a small agricultural town in central Maryland south of Gettsyburg and north of Antietam battle field, along the Catoctin Mountains in a peaceful place called Apple Valley.

December 9, 1908 -
Minnie Page, colored, was arrested last night by Officer King, on a charge of keeping a disorderly house.

Yes, they printed 'colored'. It made me wonder what kind of house Minnie kept. Perhaps she was not a good housekeeper? We will never know.

December 10, 1908 -

Boys will be boys! My son, when he was ten, shot out the neighbor's sliding glass door when he discovered a be-be gun in her son's closet. Of course we paid for it, and he worked it off.

While Charles and David Funk were throwing stones at each other on East Fourth street yesterday afternoon, one of the missiles struck a pane of glass in the store window of Mr. Lewis M. Kintz, East Fourth street, breaking it. The mayor was notified and Officer Herwig placed the boys under arrest. They were taken before Justice Alfred Ritter who dismissed the charge, the boys’ mother agreeing to pay for the broken window.

What could be more romantic than an elopement? My great-great grandparents eloped and were married in Washington DC on Christmas Day, 1864. Their story has been shrouded with some mystery throughout the years.

Miss Janie Price Gaines, daughter of Dr. John M. Gaines, of Hagerstown, and Dr. I. M. Wertz, a prominent young physician of that city, eloped yesterday afternoon, going to Baltimore on the Western Maryland fast mail train, where they were married by an Episcopalian minister. It was largely through the aid of a friend and his big touring car that the first part of the elopement was a success.

As I read these each morning, I think how they could fit into a novel or short story. I wrote one short story based on the robbery of a man and had it on my website for a time. Maybe I'll put it there again...or here next time.

Surrender the Wind
Coming August 09


Jessica said...

Hey, those are great tidbits for stories. It's so funny to read older news.
I'm not sure what was up with the colored reference either. It's not even relevant. :-(
Have fun getting your site up. I'm not sure what a Trojan does, but it sounds bad.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I not only enjoy websites detailing the history of an area, but also love to talk with senior citizens. My grandmother told a story about her mother going to a bakery every day for day-old bread. She'd put it in a basket, and walk home with it on her head.

Susan :)

Amy Deardon said...

Thank you for these great stories. They portray a simpler time. Good luck with your website -- I'm eager to visit :-)


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