Thursday, December 4, 2008

Evolution of a Book Cover

(What's outside my window? It looks like it is going to snow. White-gray sky. Misty landscape.)

Things are moving fast at Abingdon. My cover arrived in my inbox today. It's gorgeous. It is not quite finalized yet. My editor and the Abingdon staff have asked for a change in the font and its size for the title, and to increase the size of my name.

Once it is final, I will put it on my website and blog. For now you have to picture it. A windswept sky and an old English manor in the background. The antagonist standing to the left, his face bitter and angry, his fist clenched. The hero, Seth, stands behind Juleah his wife. His right arm holds her at her waist, his left hand encircles her forearm. She has her face turned toward him. He is looking out from the cover, to you the reader, with the air of an honorable man. His face shows he is protective of his wife at all costs. Juleah is dressed in a green gown with three-quarter length sleeves edged in draping lace. Seth is in a black overcoat with a white neck-cloth tied at his throat.

I cannot wait for the final result.


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi InSpire -

I can't wait to see the finished cover. The picture you have on the post now is beautiful.

Susan :)

Inspire said...

Thanks, Susan. I really appreciate your comments. Yes, the cover is going to be stunning. It looks like an oil painting.

Jessica said...

Ooh, that sounds so exciting! I can't wait to read it.
And also, I wanted to thank you for sharing the whole journey. Sometimes I feel really pressured to have my scenes perfect, but when you wrote that Barbara requested you cut one I realized that I should do my best, but there won't be a perfect.
Well, okay, I've realized this before but now I'm realizing it again. LOL

Amy Deardon said...

I can't wait to see it either -- you have such beautiful illustrations on your blog already, so that if you say it's gorgeous then I know it must be super-spectacular! Congratulations :-)