Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm a sojouner

I am constantly amazed at the things God does for me. He has opened up unexpected doors in unexpected places.

Recently, without revealing too much of my personal life, I received a medical diagnosis that was more than earth shattering. I was rattled to the core and fear took hold of me like never before in my life. I cried and couldn't sleep. I met with a specialist that assured me I will be fine, but will have to go through a long summer to be on the road to recovery. The next year will be focused on me.

In the midst of all this trouble, the day I met with my doctor, I came home and read a message from the president of my agency telling me bestselling author Gilbert Morris had chosen me to collaborate on a novel series about the Pilgrims with him. I was flabbergasted. (Like that word? It's pretty awesome.) I just couldn't believe it. I am writing a novel now, and plan to finishing it. And then more work is presented to me, figuratively on a silver platter. How could I turn it down?

I said yes. My agency understands fully what I am going through and facing. Encouragement and prayers, and compassion are surely there. So my first task? Rewrite the proposal. My first step? Research. I plowed into it, and I'm still finding information. The Pilgrims were not Puritans. They are two different religious groups. The Pilgrims were separatists seeking a life where they could worship God without the control of government, and to live and love the Word of God unfettered by the dictates of a monarchy . Puritans wanted to purify the Church of England. The King since the reign of Henry VIII had been the head, and years later Charles I was beheaded and Cromwell a Puritan was set up as 'The Lord Protector'.

So I have a lot of work to do. I'm not going to cower to the situation thrown at my mortal body. That is not to say I am not scared at times, that I haven't shed tears. But I know fully in my heart God has watched out for me. He gave me a loving husband, who has been with me to every office visit, held my hand, held me close. My diagnosis would have been missed if I had gone in earlier. My best friend gave me a book of promises with the verse I needed. My doctor's office gave me a prayer shawl. A girl in the grocery store gave me an embrace. The lady behind the counter where I got my blood work told me her testimony of healing of the same problem. And today another author sent me a plaque with Joshua 1:9 on it. The list goes on and on - the tenderness of the Lord and how he is working in people. I am living by what the scripture says in Jeremiah 30:17, the one my bff gave me.

I will restore health to you, and heal all your wounds, says the LORD.

If you whisper a prayer to Heaven for me, to the Lord Jesus, pray that verse on my behalf. I may not be on my blog much, but I'll try to keep my readers updated. God bless.