Saturday, February 5, 2011

Passion for Writing

To keep the passion alive for writing, try variety. Listen to inspiring music. I prefer classical and movie soundtracks. Take your laptop outside on a warm day, or move to a different area in the house. If you don't have a laptop, write by hand in a notebook away from your computer. Don't answer the phone, unless the caller id screen tells you it may be important.


Laura Frantz said...

Rita, Love this. I try to do the things you mention here and music is such an inspiration. I wrote The Colonel's Lady while listening to the movie soundtrack from Master and Commander as it deals with a soldier, too. I think it helped a lot.

I smiled when you said to try writing in a notebook for a change. I write all of my manuscripts in longhand first. Guess it's because I've been doing it all my life. There's something comforting about it and you rarely lose a file that way:) Some see it as a time waster but not me. Kind of like the difference between holding a real book or e-reader in hand.

Sounds like your writing is going wonderfully well. Thinking of you!

Rita Gerlach said...

Hi Laura,

So nice of you to post a comment. I write my books out scene by scene in notebooks first as well. I get the bare bones of the scene when I do, and it helps me to get the imagination flowing. I don't see it as a waste of time at all. I saw a video the other day, I can't remember if it was with Ken Follett or John Irving (I can't locate the video now) and he held a notebook that he hand wrote his novels in. I thought that was neat. We aren't the only ones.

Rita Gerlach said...

It is John Irving that uses a notebook.

Laura Frantz said...

Rita, Wonderful to find another writer that writes it out first, too! Actually, we'll lump John in there, too, now that I've seen the vid. Thanks again for that! I think we're becoming obsolete. I can't tell you the angst I feel when my computer misbehaves and I lose work. Paper and pen are much more trustworthy:) So enjoy your blog.