Sunday, February 6, 2011

Constructive Guidance

My first editor at Abingdon Press told me, she would polish my manuscript to a high sheen. Do not be afraid of an editor's pen.

If you are not yet published, listen to constructive critiques. A constructive critique will give you guidance on how to make your story better in content, narrative, dialogue, etc. Don't shoot me, but if all you get in a critique is don't use 'was', 'ing', or 'ly' ever, or 'you broke a rule', you are being critiqued by inexperienced writers.

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Jessica Nelson said...

Ooooh, Preach It Rita!! You said that sooo well. :-) I totally and completely agree.
Your first editor is a wonderful person and I hope I see her around cyberspace again someday.
Thank you for being an encouragement over at my blog the other day, and I'm sorry I'm just now stopping by.
I hope you're doing well!