Friday, February 25, 2011


It is one of those things that begin at the beginning. At first, a writer may not realize it until a manuscript is returned with a rejection. Proper editing is essential for success.

For many new writers the idea of eliminating a single line of their book is out of the question. You dare not touch a single word. This is their 'baby'. The new writer has discovered the joy of creating a story, and the words have to stay. Weren't they what flowed out of them in the first place?

Do not allow 'Editphobia' to get a foot in the door. Lock it out before it ever can take hold. It's an enemy, a saboteur.


Jan Cline said...

I am always surprised when I come across writers who wont change their manuscrips, even when obvious flaws are cited. I guess I was so eager to do it right, I was pretty open to editing. Good point.

Rita Gerlach said...

Thanks, Jan. I agree.