Sunday, August 31, 2008

Keeping My Feet On The Ground

(Outside my window: the corn is getting high. Queen Anne's Lace is quivering in the breeze.)

It is an indescribable sensation. An email, then the phone call came saying my novel had been accepted for publication. I teared up, hugged my husband and boys, called my mother to tell her the news. For a time it was so real. Then a haze settled over me. Was I dreaming?

You can ask any writer. They all want to be read. They all want to see their writing in book form. For some it may be ego. For others it is a humbling experience when it happens. I think about people reading my work...they are reading my thoughts, my imaginings that I put down on paper. They are reading my dreams, and discovering the characters that I've gotten to know that seem to be living, breathing people.

My hope is my writing will please my readers. There is a proverb that says pride comes before a fall. So, writer. Stay humble in your craft. Do not allow pride to consume you, to cause you to trip up and fall flat on your face. Keep your head bowed and your heart meek to the One who blessed you with talent.

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LynCote said...

Hi Rita,
Very right! Writers must keep a humble attitude and this bizness keeps reminding me of that.
So happy you made a sale and today I included your blog in a message to my reader egroup.