Monday, August 4, 2008

Clouds & Silver Linings

(Minutes: Friday had a request for a full manuscript. Car accident.)

(What's outside my Window: A baby-blue sky behind the breaks in my huge maple tree. The evergreens bathed in shadow and light.)

There's an old saying. With every cloud there is a silver lining. That is true, but only if the sun is shining behind the cloud.

Life throws us curve balls, and one hit me in the head this weekend. It began great, with a request from an acquisitions editor to read my manuscript after reading the proposal. The door had opened a bit. Now I'm waiting for the welcome inside.

I was on cloud nine the rest of the day, feeling lighthearted and thankful all at the same time. Then my son wanted to go to Best Buy to purchase a computer program for music. When he skipped out the front door, I had a thought that I wished he wasn't going. Five minutes later the phone rang. He had been in an accident. It wasn't his fault, and thank God he was not hurt. But the van...we are waiting to hear the decision of the insurance company. It may be gone.

All weekend my gut ached, my nerves so tremulous that my palms kept sweating. It's because I am a mother. The reality had hit me that my child could have been injured or worse. I am only hoping that he will be more careful from now on.


Celia Yeary said...

Oh, Rita--I checked your blog to see if you'd written anything new, and learned about your son. Good grief, that's so scary. My "kids" are in their forties, and I thank God they made it through those teen and young adult years, when you lose complete control over them. Now, I have three young grandsons, and I'm so happy they're still children, but time flies, doesn't it? Soon, I'll be right back in that worrying stage, knowing you have absolutely no control. Take heart--Celia

Chiron said...

Oh my, Rita!

First off, congrats on the request!

However, hearing of your son's accident is scary stuff indeed. I'm so glad to hear he wasn't injured. But... that flash of insight right before he stepped out. My goodness!!

Sending you love and strength in your worries. And loads of hugs!!

Congrats again though, on your request. I've got my fingers crossed. PLEASE let us know right away when you get "the call"!!