Friday, April 10, 2009


(Outside my window: Blooming cherry blossom and dogwood trees in the distance.)

On Tuesday, I had a surprise package arrive on my doorstep from Abingdon. Inside were ten fiction samplers, three of the titles coming out in August (ARCs) and ten ARCs of Surrender the Wind. It was exciting to see these copies. White book jackets with the future covers on the fronts. In large caps across the top 'Advance Reader Copy'. Along the s
ides of the book covers, 'Unedited Edition - For Promotional Purposes Only'. At the bottom Abingdon's logo. On the back the title's synopsis and author's bio. Along the bottom contact information for sales inquires, publicity, media inquirers, marketing, advertising, and reading group inquires.

Inside, beautiful layouts. Surrender the Wind has a historical look. Abingdon is mailing the ARC out to a list of book reviewers, published authors for endorsement, and media.

So now, I am making a list of where and to whom I should give these ARC copies to.

The local library system
My local community college library
Hood College Library

The Frederick News Post
Frederick Magazine
The Shepherd's Table Bookstore
Two other independently owned bookstores in town

Take note writers. Why not start your own marketing plan now? Start a document file with contacts, bookstores, colleges and universities, newspapers, magazines, that are in your area. Include book reviewers, authors that you plan to contact for endorsements, ect. Also, start a file in your My Pictures for your title. Search for royalty free graphics in the public domain tha
t you could use for a book trailer, on your website, and blog. You may not have a publishing contract yet, but it's still a good idea to have things in place for when you do.

* * *

100 years ago in 1909 in Frederick County, Maryland.
Following a quarrel with his sweetheart, Peter Kretzer, aged 18 years, living at Antietam Iron Works near Sharpsburg, attempted to drown himself in the Chesapeake and Ohio canal. Kretzer was frustrated by several friends who chanced to come along as the youth stood on the aqueduct ready to make the plunge, a distance of about 30 feet.

Thank God for good friends. This broken-hearted youth had them come along just in the nick of time. I wonder if Peter and his sweetheart made up.


Jessica said...

I definitely want to figure out how to use royalty free music and graphics so I can create a book trailer. A marketing document? Oh boy. That's something I have NOT even considered. Sigh.
But woohoo on the ARCs! How fun for you. :-)

Rita Gerlach said...

I'll be blogging about book trailers soon, Jessica. Some people might tell you not to bother until you have a book contract. But you know, it's kind of a cool idea to do a trailer on a book that is not under contract...a brief synopsis, and saying that it is available to publishers and literary agents. You know --- a visual query.

Jessica said...

I'd love to have the visual aspect. I already had downloaded pics before I realized I had to use stuff the legal way. *snapping fingers and scowling*

Amy Deardon said...

Rita, congratulations! This is so exciting -- I can't wait to see your books in the stores.

Your marketing ideas are so helpful.

I've been away on web vacation, just wanted to say hi. Will be in touch. Hope you're well :-)