Friday, April 24, 2009


(What's outside my window? The leaves on the sugar maple are budding and a black-capped chickadees and gold finches are at the feeder.)

If you are on Facebook, check out Abingdon's page. If you scroll down the left side, you will find the fiction sampler for the novels coming out in the fall, including Surrender the Wind. You can read the first chapter of the unedited version. If you like, please add a comment on the Abingdon page about Surrender the Wind. You'll have to become an Abingdon fan to do so.

I bulked at the idea of joining Facebook for many months. Then I gave in. It's the best networking resource I've yet to join. I like it far better than ShoutLife, which seems to go nowhere, or the Ning networks I've joined, which have little or no activity. But Facebook is abuzz with activity.

Today, I'm workin on my website to do some updating, and on a book trailer. I hope to get some writing down on Beside Two Rivers.

Have a great weekend.


Jaime said...

I love Facebook too and I'll have to check out Abingdon!! Your book cover looks amazing btw and I've preordered it through Amazon! :) looking forward to a good read.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Rita -

I absolutely agree that Facebook is the best networking site out there. The Seekers gave an interesting statistic. Facebook has exceeded email use. How about that?

Susan :)

Jessica said...

Facebook is great. I like it much better than Myspace. I'll have to check out your first chapter. :-)

Rita Gerlach said...

You girls give me such a lift. I really appreciate how you read my blog and comment so often. I do read yours, too.

Jaime, thank you for preordering Surrender the Wind.