Monday, January 12, 2009

Substantive Edit Arrival

The next round of edits have arrived in my email box this morning. This phase is called the substantive edit. What is this you ask?

According to the Chicago Manual of Style, the substantive edit deals with the organization and presentation of existing content. It involves rephrasing for smoothness or eliminating ambiguity, reorganizing or tightening the writing. The manuscript is given a light editorial hand at this point, and the author's v
oice is respected.

Another phase of editing will follow this one, where the novel will be
placed in the hands of the copy editor for style and punctuation.

A word of caution to writers offered a contract. Most vanity presses and pod publishers do not edit authors' books. The do not do a macro, substantive, or copy edit. Most only do a
spell check. Avoid these publishers at all costs. If you must go this route, hire a reputable editor to edit your novel.

I must close, roll up my sleeves and get to work. But before I do, for those of you published, please comment on what your experience has been with editing your writing. ______________________________

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Jessica said...

Very interesting. So someone reads your whole book and makes comments as they go? And you get to choose what to fix and what to keep the same? Pretty cool.
I'm going to post about pod and vanity presses sometime. It's good that you gave out that warning. Sometimes I wonder if the really small publishers do this kind of edit too.
Have fun wading in! :-)

Jessica said...

Hi Rita,
The manuscript I just finished is actually my third. :-)
Thank you so much for your kind offer! I'd love to hear what agents you prefer, but have to warn you that I've sent tons of queries already. RWA is awesome and has this huge list of agents that I've been perusing for about a year. LOL
But again, thank you very much for offering your expertise! I really appreciate it and am open to any suggestions. :-)
*big grin 'cause you're just SO generous!*

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

While the process sounds scarey, it's necessary. I know writers who have gone the self-pub route only because they don't want an editor "changing their manuscript."

Of course, not all writers going the self-pub route feel this way. I know many who simply wanted to get their book published after dealing with the frustrations of the traditional avenue.

I'm glad you're with a publisher that's taking such care with your "baby." It's going to be a beauty when finished. :)


Terri Tiffany said...

Hi Rita,
I recognized your name over at another blogger friends--and realized both of us were on Faithwriters together at one time--weren't you the one who had taken Jerry Jenkins course?
Congrats on getting a book accepted!!!

Inspire said...

Hi Tiffany,

No, never did take Jerry's course. I remember I signed up for FaithWriters but didn't get involved due to other things.