Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Book Promotion

(Outside my window: All the trees are encrusted with ice. In the grove of evergreens, branches are breaking off due to the weight. The sky is white and freezing rain is falling. The farm field and the mountains in the distant are misty.)

Book promotion. Those two little words often strike dread into the hearts of authors. We just wish there were a better way. . . especially in this economy.

In my local paper this morning, is an article about how people are flocking to the library instead of the bookstore. I cannot say I blame readers. Right now, for so many people, books are a luxury. So they buy them used fr
om Amazon or get them for free at the library.

This can be disconcerting for an author. What can we do to sell our books? In my opinion some of the old ways are non-eff
ective such as business cards and bookmarks.

My goal is not simply to sell lots of copies and make lots of money. No. My goal is to give a reader the chance to flee the trials and troubles of this world for a little while, by going into the world of my characters. An escape. A few hours to be inspired, to go back to a time when people thought of others and not only themselves. Where the driving force in life was love, self-sacrifice, and faith. A time when marriage was honored and vows were sacred.

Beside my desk, I have a binder marke
d 'Marketing' for Surrender the Wind. In it are lists of influencers, reviewers, book clubs, bookstores, etc. I've been thinking what can I do to get the word out about this new inspirational historical romance? What can I do to spark a real appetite for this novel? Word of mouth? Book discussion groups? What do best-selling authors do to cause readers to buy their books? It's something I want to examine, and I hope you will look at this with me.

What marketing techniques do you feel are the most effective? What makes you want to purchase a book?


Surrender the Wind
Coming to a bookstore near you ~
August 2009



Jessica said...

Hmmm, well, I'm definitely guilty of using the library. Since starting to write though, I've made a conscious effort to buy books of various authors I know, especially debut authors.
What makes me pick up a book? The title, then the blurb. If those sound good I'll scan the first lines. If those sound good, I'll check it out. :-) Hope that helps.
You might also look into going to your library and doing some book signings or starting a club.
Also, have you thought about calling the schools in your area and offering to talk about writing or historical research? I know they're teens, but it may also get the word out.
Happy marketing!

MaryLu Tyndall said...

Rita, for me, the biggest influence for picking up a book is the recommendation of others who I trust. If someone I know tells me. "Oh you just gotta read this book. You'll love it." Then, I'll definite buy it. So, in my opinion, word of mouth is probably the biggest marketing tool we authors have. So, essentially, write the best book you can and then give it away in promotional blogs, enter it in contests, send postcards to librarys, etc... If it's good, eventually the word will get out.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

What makes me purchase a book?

Name recognition.
Recommendations from other readers.
Meeting an author or attending one
of their workshops at a
An interesting blog/website.
Genre. I'm pretty open on that
score with one notable
exception - occult material.
Book reviews.

Not necessarily in that order. :)

Susan :)