Friday, January 9, 2009

Making Headway

(What's outside my window: Clear blue sky today, but snow later in the forecast.)

Yesterday on the Seekersville blog. my editor, Barbara Scott, was interviewed. Seekersville included the book covers and a synopsis for each book that are in the launch, for Autumn 09. I learned a bit more about how the wheels are turning. My novel, Surrender the Wind, and one other, will be the first out of the starting gate. The release date is August. Can you imagine how excited I am! Oh, yea, my heart pounds when I think about it.

Barbara answered questions in the comment section and shared Abingdon's plans for prom
otion. In turn, I'm sharing this with my readers, so that you know that reputable publishers do promote their authors' books. You will find from time-to-time, vanity and print on demand publishers will tell writers that publishers do not promote books, that it is solely left up to the authors. This is just a tactic to reel aspiring writers in. Don't believe it. After reading the following, I hope that you are convinced to be patient about your chances of becoming published. That you will work hard at your craft to excel in writing. And that you will be persistant.

'Abingdon's publicity and marketing plans look like a schedule for the invasion of Normandy', and I quote Barbara. This month publicity begins for the Fall 2009 list, and by February, Abingdon will take out ads in Publishers Weekly. They will release a fiction catalog and a bound fiction sampler. These will be used by Abingdon's sales representatives to promote the new line at conventions, and to reading groups, book reviewers, and more. Advanced reader copies, ARCs, will be ready to go out by April. These will be given to book buyers, handed out at conventions, go out in mailings ( which I am thinking this means endorsers), used for blog tours.

Okay, now if that isn't exciting enough, there is more. In July, ads will be at the International Christian Retailing Show. They will have ARCs and some books, hopefully mine, ready for the show and handed out to buyers. Abingdon is contacting reading groups, so if you have a book discussion group, you should take a look at Surrender the Wind and consider it for your list. Contact me, and I'll pass your group on to Abingdon.

There will be a lot of promotion on my end. Interviews, blog tours, book signings. If you are interested in reading Surrender the Wind, and spreading the news, please let me know. I am open for interviews. If you would like to put up something on your blog about Surrender the Wind, contact me and I'll gladly supply the cover and a brief synopsis.

I cannot express how much your help will be appreciated.


Surrender the Wind
Coming to a bookstore near you ~
August 2009



Jessica said...

This is very exciting for you! I saw your blurb on the Seekers too. :-)
I love how you share all this cool info.

Inspire said...

You are very kind. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your comments, and the fact you take the time to stop in and read my blog. I'm praying your day for publication will arrive soon.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

So many negative things have been said concerning publishers and promotion. Thanks for setting the record straight.

I'd be interested in reading and reviewing your book. How do I go about getting a copy?

Susan :)

Inspire said...


I'd be so glad to have you review my novel. Let me contact my publisher about the procedure. In the meantime, could you email me with your request so that I can forward it to Barbara. You may want to include where you would post the review.

My email address is


Jessica said...

Ooh, that sounds like a good prayer. LOL
Anyways, I wouldn't mind doing an interview or something with you. Are you planning to do a blog tour? Those seem successful in getting a person's name out there. Let me know. Or announce it-wait, are you in RWA? Or ACFW? Well, just let me know. I'd love to help out any way you think is best. :-)