Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Growing As We Write

As of today, September 28, I am 9 chapters into 'Beyond the Valley', which I began writing on August 1. This is the first novel I have written this fast -- 20,000 words in less than 2 months, and I'm picking up the pace.

For my readers: This is a story of love being tested by prejudice, tragedy, and extreme hardship, in a time when class boundaries ruled. It is the third book in the 'Daughters of the Potomac' series. If you liked 'Surrender the Wind' you are going to love this series. Each story takes place in a turbulent time in history --- the American Revolution and post-Revolution eras. Each story has settings in England and along the Potomac in Maryland and Virginia. Each story is about a woman searching for truth, love, and redemption. Each story blends with the others.

For my writer friends, I listened to an interview with author Geraldine Brooks that had me nodding in agreement. She gives some simple answers to good writing.

Listen for her take on research. She's so right on about overloading yourself with the research that it takes forever to write the novel. I was at that point at one time. Research is important, but now I do it as I write, and I pull myself away once I find the answer instead of going off in other directions and spending hours reading about other details.

What writing tips did you pick up from this interview?


Jessica Nelson said...

Oooh, Rita, I love that blue background! It's beautiful.
Congrats on the fast writing! I agree about research overload. I tend to do light research and then research as I go.

Jan Cline said...

I know I can really get distracted by researching. I love it but need to remember to keep a balance and know when enough is enough.

MaryLu Tyndall said...

This was great, Rita. Fit the research to your story and not the story to your research. Good point!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Rita -

I like her methods a lot. A lot of research tends to bog down my writing.

Susan :)