Saturday, October 2, 2010

Truth in Fiction

My fabulous editor at Abingdon Press writes an outstanding blog called 'The Roving Editor'. She shares with her readers valuable information about the Christian publishing industry. Her blog is a 'must read'. On Friday she wrote about Truth in fiction.

She wrote:
Christian fiction contains more truth than the realities of life in our confusing world. Grasp that fact, write from the truth in your heart, and you will not need to include a conversion scene in your novel. His Holy Spirit will show the truth in your stories to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

I'm attaching this to my computer as a reminder of how I should write fiction, not from a world view but from a view of the Truth. Our characters are to face the harsh realities of life, and through faith find deliverance, freedom, redemption, and forgiveness.

Think about the book you are writing now. Are you writing from the truth in your heart? How do you 'show' through your characters Truth to your readers?

You can read 'The Roving Editor' by clicking on this link.


Bonnie Toews said...

I believe in every heart is the yearning to know God and thus I believe this is true for every character. Writng from this desire is what, for me, reveals the ultimate Truth for each character.

I see villains as damaged souls who reject their spirit's yearning to know and love God because they don't believe in redemption. They are EGO without an associated ID.

I too have saved this incredible comment of Barbara's.


Terri Tiffany said...

Excellent post. write from the truth in your heart, and you will not need to include a conversion scene in your novel. I LOVE this!

Shelley said...

Wise words, and something I need to remember in my writing!

Shelley @ Ink Scrawls

Jan Cline said...

I really like this...I will print it out as well. The more I pray and seek God the more He comes out in my writing. I ask the Holy Spirit to release the words to me and He does. Isn't that neat? I think so. Thanks Rita.

Barbara Scott said...

When I wrote that post, Rita, I wasn't sure how my readers would react. It wasn't funny. It wasn't packed with behind-the-scenes publishing information. But it was something God had placed on my heart. It's been one of the most well-read and remembered blog postings that I've written so far. It's a good reminder that God must bless our words, or we're only clanging cymbals.

The Roving Editor