Sunday, October 3, 2010

Evolution of a Novel Series ~ Introduction

Ever wonder what it is like for a writer to develop a book series? If you are not yet published, or you are but your books have been stand-alones so far, perhaps you'll be interested in reading these posts as I unfold over the next year the evolution of a book series.

A book series in today's market consists of three novels. The stories can stand alone or be connected. To sell a series to a publisher, you first have to write a proposal. I am open to sending mine for 'Surrender the Wind', my stand alone novel to anyone who would like to see what goes into a proposal.

Typically, if you are unpublished, you must have a book completed in order to send it to a publisher. So if you are in this situation, write a novel, and work hard to get it published. It isn't easy, but believe me, it can happen. Once your foot is in the door you can begin writing proposals and selling books before they are written. Then the fun begins of facing deadlines.

I know I'm throwing a lot out here at once. So let's get to the point. This book series thing...I'll be posting about the progress, so you'll know the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and see through this author's eyes the evolution of the Daughters of the Potomac Series --- from the first blank page to the last in book 3.

I hope you stick with me. And I hope I can inspire you to fulfill your dream of writing a series.


Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

Cool! I'd love to follow along and read about this. Sounds like fun Rita!

Jan Cline said...

I'm so excited. I have been stewing ideas in my mind for a followup of my novel already in my head - even though Im not yet published. This will put things in perspective for me. Thanks Rita!

Rita Gerlach said...

Thanks, Bonnie & Jan. I'm going to print these posts out as I go, put them in a binder, also in a Word document so I can save them to a disc, and when the books are published put everything together in a box for safe keeping. I'm a huge believer in leaving journals and such behind for my descendants. We can touch lives now with our writing. We can touch our children, grand children and on in the same way.

aarbaugh said...

I love your idea, Rita. Even if I never do a series, I'll enjoy reading the how-to.

Bonnie Toews said...

Super idea, Rita. It will be worth the journey, and your descendants will be forever grateful.

Melissa K Norris said...

I'd love to see a copy of your proposal. My novel is being pitched to an editor now on a three book historical. I'd like to see how to improve my own proposal if it's not picked up. Thank you so much for sharing.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Rita -

I'm looking forward to reading about your process. :)

I'm writing book three of my series. They can stand alone, but are best read in order.

I didn't plan to write a series. One idea led to another...and then another. Now, I'm looking for an agent.

Susan :)

Linda Cacaci said...

I loved your book, Surrender the Wind. I am interested in that time period.
I am writing a three book series to pitch to Steeple Hill so I am very excited to read your posts.
Thank you for sharing.
Linda Cacaci