Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1 Year Anniversary

It's been one year since the official release of Surrender the Wind.

Cokesbury's online bookstore has a fantastic deal going on. They've discounted the cover price by 71%!

It's true. Readers can purchase copies for only $4.00.

What could you do with a copy besides read it yourself, if you already haven't?

1. Buy a copy for a friend, your mom, mother in law, sister, etc. etc.

2. Stock up early for Christmas gifts.

3. Buy a few copies for your church library.

( My mother Rose and her copy.)

Recently a reader in the UK sent me this message.

Hello Rita, just finished reading your book Surrender the Wind , what can I say it was absolutely amazing the best book I've read for a long long time , intrigue suspense, passion love. I've never ridden so fast on a horse as i did with Seth. God certainly gave you a gift keep using it. From Deborah (England)

I want to send my thanks to everyone that has read 'Surrender the Wind', to those who were gracious to host me on their blogs, and those that wrote reviews. It's been a great year!
Watch for the new series due out early in 2012...Daughters of the Potomac.

Book 1 Before the Scarlet Dawn
Book 2 Beside Two Rivers
Book 3 Beyond the Valley

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Jan Cline said...

Congratulations! Did the year go quickly? I bet you were busier than you thought you would be!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Rita -

Congrats! I enjoyed Surrender the Wind and look forward to your new series.

Susan :)

Rita Gerlach said...

Yes, it sure did go fast, Jan. I am busy with the new series on top of everything else...and I love it.

Thanks, Susan. You are so sweet. I'll have to put my blog readers on a list of influencers for the series. It seems like a long way off for Before the Scarlet Dawn to be release early in 2012, but it will fly by.