Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Writer's Saturday

After a busy week of planning for the Home for the Holidays Book Festival, and working on the new novel, I went to bed last night with a sigh that Saturday would greet me when I open my eyes again. Hubbie and I went to China Garden for lunch, one of the oldest and best Chinese restaurants in Frederick, Maryland. Afterward we headed up Route 15, a scenic drive that heads north toward Gettysburg. Our destination was Thurmont and Colorfest. Every October the entire little town has a mass yard sale. I can't believe what I got for $1.75.

Now, on the way my mind was absorbing the beauty of the farms, the fields rife with white flea bane, and the Catoctin Mountains to the left of us which are now turning with the autumn colors. You probably experience this same thing while riding down a country road. 

Yet, something caught my eye that totally distracted me from my moment of writer's euphoria. Along the side of the road I spotted a handmade sign, about the size of a yard sale sign that read 'Biscuits and Gravy'. We both saw it and said, 'Hmm. What's that all about.' Another sign approached about 10-15 yards ahead that read 'Scrapple Puddin'. We were further taken back and laughed. Then another sign. 'Liver and Onions'. Then 'Next right'.  

The signs were for Eunice's Restaurant. On the way home on the other side of the road, were the same signs. I told my hubby these people are brilliant. I bet that people pull into this little restaurant out of sheer curiosity. These are definitely not dishes in the top ten favorites. But isn't it a bit interesting they'd advertise in this way?

Back at home I did a search online and found a couple articles in local newspapers about this country cooking retreat. Five stars, and the fare was more than liver and onions and scrapple puddin'. Crab cakes and desserts to die for. And Eunice's has a page on Facebook! Wow. They urge customers to come in and try their Reeses peanut butter, key lime, and pumpkin pies, and coconut cake.

All this got me thinking about a twist in marketing. What can we as an author do similar to this, in honesty of course, to attract readers? What little signs can you put up on the electronic highway that spark curiosity? 

I'm giving it the weekend to think it over.


Bonnie Calhoun said...

I think that is totally creative, and now you've set my brain cells in motion :-)

Jessica said...

Huh. That is very interesting to think about. They're pretty smart. I hope I'll be that innovative too!

Glad you had a nice weekend. :-)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post. Thanks

Life is a blissful experience.. said...

Marketing is really important but what's more important is how we do it. I am definitely going to give a thought over...Thanx for the idea..