Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not Enough Hours

As I grow older, the days seem to go by swifter. Where they were once placid currents, they are now either cascading rapids, or deep waters. As an author, more hours seem to go into marketing and promotion than writing. I am yearning for a getaway to the mountains where I can sit and write by hand all day.

I went on a one-day trip 3 hours from my home into the western mountains of Maryland. It was beautiful and remote. We stopped at the Savage River. Four hours went by without the sound of an airplane, people, only the occassional fisherman driving down the road to the Orvis Lodge. It was so incredibly quiet and peaceful among the soft murmur of the river and the calls of chipmunks and chicadees.

I read. I prayed. I wrote one page. Just one, but it was good.

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Jessica said...

That sounds gorgeous, to just sit in the mountains like that for prayer and writing! What a special time for you. :-)