Thursday, March 5, 2009


In these hard times, a good book is a perfect escape. As a writer, one of my major goals is to carry my readers away to a different time and place, to a time of raw courage and ideal love.

I was excited to find out that pre-orders for Surrender the Wind are now available from! The official release date is August 09, but readers can order their copies now and receive them as soon as the books arrive. The price is discounted 20% from the cover price of $13.99 to a price of $11.19!

What is Surrender the Wind about?

An American patriot of the Revolution struggles with his loyalty to his country, by accepting an inheritance from his estranged grandfather in England. Upon his arrival in Devonshire, he meets and falls in love with Juleah, the daughter of an eccentric landed gentleman. Amid the joys of new love Seth and Juleah face tragedy and trial. Seth is reunited with his grieving sister, who was taken back to England at the start of the rebellion. A nephew is believed dead. A woman is found murdered in the woods. And Seth is told his wife, Juleah, has perished in a fire. What is the truth behind these tragedies?

One man holds the answers - one that despises his American enemy for gaining two things he wanted most -Ten Width Manor and the woman he desired. Seth Braxton's arrival brings him many trials, where his devotion to those he loves is tested, and his faith is brought to the mere size of a mustard seed. To be a hero, he must stay in the battle.

Golden Keyes Parsons ~ Author of In the Shadow of the Sun King wrote: I was instantly transported to the world of the American patriot, Seth Braxton, and his struggle whether or not to return to England. Rita Gerlach's vivid descriptions and fast-paced action keep one turning the pages. I cannot wait for it 'Surrender the Wind' to be published, so I can read the final version.

It was an exciting day. Abingdon is working on an online bookstore for the fiction line. But it is not ready yet. When it is finished, I'll post the link.

I invite you to visit my website for full details, a synopsis of the story, and a pictorial of the setting. A chapter sample will be included soon to entice you to want more.

For those who pre-order, I will be announcing an exciting contest in a few weeks! One reader will win a beautiful packet of Victorian stationary, which includes floral notebooks, paper, shopping list, and 'to do' list.


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I'm so excited for you! After all the years of hard work and staying the course, your book will soon be available for readers' enjoyment.

Susan :)

Jessica said...

Yay, that's so exciting!!!