Monday, March 30, 2009


(Outside my window this morning: Gray sky and it looks like rain...again.)

I wasn't expecting it. A yellow manila envelop from Abingdon Press that arrived last week at my door. In it was a copy
of Publishers Weekly and three 'Fiction Samplers'. Publishers Weekly is an international news magazine of book publishing and selling. The headline brazened across the bumper of a vintage car (looks like either a 70s era Charger or Superbee) reads 'I BRAKE FOR CHRISTIAN FICTION' an the title for an article below it --- 'New Direction for Religion Publishing'.

If you subscribe to PW check out the full-page ad on page 21 for Abingdon's fiction launch. The words 'Get Ready to Relax'. A barefooted
woman is lounging on a cushy couch with a book in hand. Below is the header 'Abingdon's new fiction line coming fall 2009'. And directly under that are the seven novels that Abingdon will release. The covers are stunning, lively with color and eyecatching graphics and fonts.

When my eyes crossed the titles and I saw mine, it was a
s if I were in a dream. Someone needed to pinch me and wake me up. There was my novel, 'Surrender the Wind' in an ad in Publishers Weekly for Abingdon Press above Abingdon's slogan.

Dear Writer, there are publishers out there who will tell you that publishers do not promote their authors' books. These are mainly print on demand, vanity presses, and self-publishers. I am not knocking them persay, but only giving out the truth t
hat traditional publishers do promote their authors', the novels they print, and their fiction lines.

This is not to say I can sit back and do nothi
ng. No indeed. I will be promoting as well. But to have a publisher that has faith in my writing makes this journey worth all the years spent typing away at my computer. To have a publisher with the same goal as I have, to give my readers a respite from the world, is more than I could have asked for.

Be patient in your search for
publication. Do not rush it. When you are ready to submit, study how to write a query letter and book proposal. Make a list of publishers or literary agents you wish to submit to. Check the Preditors & Editors website to see if there are any complaints or warnings. If you get a rejection, know that this is the norm. It happens to every writer. Just move on. Keep submitting. In the meantime, be writing another novel.

Just don't give in or
give up.

(Surrender the Wind is now available on for pre-order. Amazon has discounted the novel at 20% off the cover price, from $13.99 to $11.19.)


Jaime said...

Great encouragement and CONGRATULATIONS!! I can't imagine how exciting that must have been!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Wow! How exciting to see your book in Publisher's Weekly!

I'm looking forward to reading it.

Susan :)

Jessica said...

Thank you for the encouragement, Rita! How exciting for you! I think Abingdon press seems like a great new avenue for fiction and I'm so glad they opened up in this tight economy. I think they're (and you)going to do very well! :-)

Rita Gerlach said...

Thanks, ladies.

The main purpose of this blog is to help aspiring writers know what happens after a book is contracted by a legitimate publisher. I had no idea all that is involved. If you have the heads up, when you get your contracts, you will know what to expect. This week I had to help put together a list of contacts for advance review copies, and by the 8th I have to write a short bio, an a 1500 word essay on advice for aspiring writers. You have to be prepared and willing to roll up your sleeves when your time comes.