Wednesday, November 19, 2008


(This photo was taken in 1909 either somewhere in Maryland or in Washington, DC. The couple in the middle, with the girl on the boy's knee to the left are my grandparents. On the back of the photo are all the names. It must have been a church get-together or a teen party of some kind. I will never know.)

Every morning in the Frederick News Post, my hometown newspaper, they post a few clips of what happened on 20/50/100 years ago. The 100 year ones are often humorous, but sometimes serious. They really reflect how different things were back in those days. If a person spit on the sidewalk, they'd be jailed and fined. The railroad was new to the area and a huge attraction as was the automobile. Horses broke from their hitches and ran amuck through the streets.

I've been thinking this morning about 'Time'. How quickly it goes by, how thousands of people have been born an died and past into obscurity forever. Remember the phrase, 'seize the day'. Do that today. Hug those you love, give praise where praise is due, and don't forget your Creator while you are at it.

I'm taking a brief pause from the macro edits this morning to share what happened 100 years ago in Frederick County, Maryland.

On November 14, 1908
Grace, the 3-year-old daughter of Mr. Edgar Philip Flook, residing west of Middletown, met with an ugly and painful accident Saturday, November 7, when she fell backwards from her high chair at the table and almost cut her tongue in two. Dr. Lamar, Middletown, was summoned and after putting the little sufferer under the influence of chloroform, placed eight stitches in the severed tongue.

Miss Ivy Hoover, of Basin, Montana, daughter of Prof. E.C. Hoover, formerly of Wolfsville, this county, writes a friend in Hagerstown that she had her first vote for President this year. In Montana the women have the privilege to vote.

On November 16, 1908

Mr. John Matthews, of near Emmitsburg, has succeeded in growing a new variety of corn, which for lack of a better name has been called “rainbow.” The ear is of good size, fairly well-grained with kernels of widely different color — yellow, white, black, grey and intermediate blues.

Gen. Adam E. King, of Baltimore, has been invited to deliver an address at the dedication of the monument erected on the Monocacy Battlefield to the memory of the Sixty-eighth, the Eighty-seventh and the One Hundred and Thirty-eighth Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiments which took part in the battle at that place on July 9, 1864.

On November 19, 1908

Grant, the equilibrist, and his trained dog Betsy, and Leonard, the funny monologist, entertained another large audience at Family Theatre last night. These acts, together with life motion pictures and illustrated songs, are making a hit this week at this theatre, which is growing in popularity and is drawing larger audiences each evening.The new electric light dynamo purchased from Hagerstown Railway Co. arrived yesterday afternoon on the Frederick Inter-Urban Railroad.

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Jessica said...

Wow, that's so neat! I have a historical in 1918 so I bet little tidbits are super helpful.
I'm with you on the time thing. It seems so important but it's nothing. Our lives are like a glitch. (here, that is) LOL I def. believe in eternity.
Anyways, interesting stuff. I love the corn one.