Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Little Writing Tip

(Outside my window this morning: A northern clipper has descended upon the land. A wintry sky, a chilling wind, is still as inspiring as a summer's day.)

I'm tossing in a very brief entry today. Just a little writing tip that I have picked up on while working on the macro edits, which I am about halfway finished. The deadline is Tuesday, so time is precious.

If you want to build intimacy between characters, use dialogue.

So simple. I know, I hear you saying, "I knew that". Ask yourself, if you really do know. In your work in progress, are you moving the story along with dialogue coupled with action? Are you building the relationship between your hero and heroine through their conversations with each other? Are you using the dialogue to make smooth transitions between scenes?

Post your answers to these questions in the 'Comments' section.

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Jessica said...

I LOVE dialogue! Nice post. I also love wintry days. Sadly, Florida doesn't have too many of those. But rainy days work too, LOL.