Wednesday, September 5, 2012


People have asked me what kind of books I write.

What they are not:
  • My books are not in the category of formula romances. 
  • They are not fluff, erotic, preachy, nor are they syrupy sweet stories focused solely on a courtship.

What they are:

  • Romantic Historical Dramas. You will find romance, stories about relationships, forgiveness, redemption, loyalty, and the power of love. 
  • Stories where the characters have good points, but are also flawed. They make mistakes and fall hard, and at some point struggle through the adversity, dust themselves off and move on. 
  • Stories that reflect the historical period. Life was different in so many ways that we in the 21st century cannot comprehend. Women had few rights. Children less.There were the haves and the have-nots. 
 Who are the characters in my books:

They are people that fit their times. Faith and family are important to them and the foundation of their lives. You will not find feminist heroines. Instead you will find virtuous women who are independent without being overbearing or mannish. You will find strong heroes who are willing to lay down their lives for others, who are not caught up in careers and money.

What my stories will give you:

§ A chance to escape into a world long ago, with all the trappings of historical detail.

§ An enjoyable read with elements of romantic love, that leads to and extends into marriage.
§ Taken back in time to see how people leaned heavily upon their faith to get them through tough times.

While my novels focus on relationships both marital and within a family, they are in every sense of the word  historical novels with the historical ambiance of the period in which they are written, with twists and turns that take readers back to a time of raw courage and ideal love. 

What elements to you long to find in a novel? If you are a writer, what elements do you strive to include in your storyline?


Lynn Squire said...

Rita, I love this. Well said. I'm very glad you write this 'genre'. They are my kind of stories. :)

Rita Gerlach said...

Thanks, Lynn. So nice of you to stop by and comment.

MaryLu Tyndall said...

Perfect! A perfect description of your wonderful books! I would also add they are like epic sagas that span over long periods of time...on the order of Gone with the Wind and The Last of the Mohicans. Truly enjoyable!
I think it's important to narrow down on one's specific niche in writing. That way both publishers and readers know what they are getting.
My books? Swashbuckling romances. Adventurous, suspenseful, highly romantic, very spiritual... more along the lines of The Pirates of the Caribbean or The Three Musketeers!

Rita Gerlach said...

Your description of your books is exact, Marylu. I love swashbuckling novels. You are like a modern day Raphael Sabatini as in his Captain Blood series! Keep writing those swashbuckling pirate sagas we all love!