Monday, June 6, 2011

Character Attitude

"Never let your characters relax or feel comfortable in a scene. Remember that people are not always entirely rational, especially in stress situations. If you're character's "craziness" seems in character, consider allowing him to blow up or make some stupid mistake. Your story people -- even in the toughest scenes -- are not wholly logical robots. Show clearly that the viewpoint character considers the oncoming scene as vitally important. Have him say so, or think so, or both.

Never allow a lead character to enter a scene with a lackadaisical attitude."

Jack M. Bickham


Jan Cline said...

It's so writers we dont always risk putting on paper the real reactions, emotions or blunders of our characters. In this day of reality shows, I would think we wouldn't be afraid to be "real".

Rita Gerlach said...

You are so right, Jan. I have always loved fiction where characters are not perfect, but so imperfect they make bad choices, mistakes, and fall flat on their faces.