Friday, May 27, 2011

 Marketing Tip:

For many writers when they hear the words 'multi-author book signing', the first thing they think is 'competition'. While it may be true when it comes to signings with a lot of authors, you can turn that 'competition' into a benefit if you team up with one or two other authors. You can join ranks to promote the event, thus help each other.

And it is a lot more fun than sitting a by yourself at a table. 

Create a brief video through Animato and post it on your website, blog, and Facebook, featuring the team of authors.


Jessica Nelson said...

I don't think it's competition. It seems like a smart way to me to reach a broader audience.

Rita Gerlach said...

Yes, you are exactly right, Jessica. It would be awesome if more Christian authors had this pov. Two years ago we put together a huge multi-author signing with 15 Christian authors. It was fantastic!

Carla Olson Gade said...

Sounds like a great opportunity.

I also read your Carrie's bracelet page and thought that was just wonderful! What a fabulous and interesting history.