Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Book Signings

I'm getting ready for a multi-author book signing event on May 7. I thought it might be fun to put up several posts dealing with book signings.

How to schedule a signing.
What the best venues are.
Preparing for a book signing event.
What marketing items are the most popular with readers, and how to acquire them.
What to have on your table.
Solo or Multi-author?
What I learned from a Multi-author book signing event.

Is there something I missed that you would like me to cover?


Laura Frantz said...

Sounds great, Rita. I love that you love signings! Your bookmarks are beautiful below. I'm such a fan of those myself and love handing them out, especially for fellow authors. Thanks so much for your generosity in doing that and doing a series like this. I know your May event will be a wonderful time!

Rita Gerlach said...

Thanks, Laura. Wouldn't it be grand if a craze to collect author bookmarks took hold?
Got yours in the mail and will drop them off at Lifeway on Saturday. They are gorgeous.