Sunday, January 9, 2011

Besides the Writing...

Many aspiring writers have the conception that once a writer has a contract, that their work is done once they hand in their manuscript. Actually, your work continues, and the load is bigger than the writing of your story.

Last month I turned in the first draft for 'Before the Scarlet Dawn', early to my publisher. She was delighted and will be working on the first rounds of edits called 'substantive'. In the meantime, she sent me an email on Friday with a 'Book Cover Design Information Form'. I have no doubt other publishers ask their authors for input of how they visualize the cover for their novels. But there are some that do not, and those I've seen are mostly print on demand publishers. Be wary of them, dear writer.

Anyway, I was given a list of questions about the tone of the cover, what I want readers to feel when they see it, descriptions of the hero and heroine, photographs and descriptions of places in the story, and to include book covers that I like that have the same ambiance I'm hoping for.

Some of my Facebook friends offered some great suggestions, and I'll have something special for them when the book comes out.

Now you know something else to expect once you sign a contract. As time goes on I'll share the next phases that come my way in the production of this novel, book 1 in the Daughters of the Potomac Series.

Here are a few covers that I selected to send to the designers.

Here are photos of actors that I feel depict my heroine, Eliza Morgan, and my hero, Hayward Morgan.

How would you describe your hero and heroine of the book you are writing?

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Melissa K Norris said...

Love your hero. He looks strong, smoky, and mysterious. Good traits in a hero.
In my current WIP, my heroine is a mix of Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway. My hero is along the lines of Matthew McConaughy but with a more square jaw line.
Thanks for sharing. I'll be keeping a list of book titles that fit my novel for future use.