Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Venue for Stepping Stones for Readers

I've decided to revive Stepping Stones Magazine for Readers and Writers. It is now called 'Stepping Stones Magazine for Readers'. The desire to do this suddenly gripped me earlier today. I have always loved promoting authors, and sure, this is a way to promote my writing as well by hanging out on the sidebar.

So here are the details.

You will notice the caption below the title says 'Bringing Readers and Writers Together Through Letter Writing'. Okay don't let that scare you off. I know letter writing is pretty much a dead art. But wouldn't it be fun to revive it online?

Here is what will happen on SSMR.

Writers will be showcased even if you are not yet published. I will be announcing new posts on Facebook, so you never know what editor or agent on my friends' list might stop by and see what you're up to. For those who are published, I will showcase you with your newest title and the book cover.

What do you have to do? Well this isn't like an author interview where you have to answer lots of questions. Lots of blogs have those. I wanted to do something different. So here goes.

The author showcased is to write a letter to readers. You can write whatever you wish, just keep it to a word count suitable for a blog post. You can share about your newest release, book signing events, a recipe from your book, a trip you took for research, anything that relates to YOUR writing that will be interesting as if you are writing a letter to a friend. Share your struggles,
setbacks, achievements, and how the Lord has worked in your writing endeavors.

If you have a book that will be released in the future, consider waiting to post until the release date...strike the internet while the iron is hot!

Think of it this way. If you had a friend you haven't seen or talked to in years, and they did not have email and asked you in a letter what was going on with your writing career, how would you reply? What would you say?

If you are interested in being showcased, send me an email. I'm making a list. If any editing has to be done to bring down the word count, I will talk to you about it first before posting and get your approval.

Here is the link to Stepping Stones Magazine for Readers. It has a new look and new graphics with a post about the change.


Jan Cline said...

OK, this sounds like an inspired idea! The letter writing angle is great. I'm not yet published - as a novelist, but I'm getting ready to query and also pitch at my first writers conference.

I will be watching for it to begin!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Great idea, Rita! I'm looking forward to the new format.

Susan :)