Thursday, August 6, 2009

Viewing a Review

On August 1, Abingdon Press launched their fiction line. Surrender the Wind was one of the first four books. Now reviews are pouring in, along with interviews.

This review recently appeared online. I feel honored, but I cannot say that I would stand beside two of the greatest writers of historical fiction on an equal footing.

I would not mind standing in their shadow though.

I must mention that Charles Dickens is one of my favorites when it comes to characterization. One thing I love about his writing is how he brought to his stories a cast of many characters, each unique, each so profoundly developed in their role that some of his minor characters are as unforgettable as the major ones. I learned from Dickens to do the same, and not to be afraid to write stories with lots of interesting characters, not just a hero and heroine, but supporting characters that enhance the story to another level.

Your opinion on this post, and Ms. Toews' review is welcome. She has a place where you can comment on her blog.

Seize the Day!

P.S. Boy would I love a book cover like the photo from Bleak House on my next novel, Beside Two Rivers.

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Jessica said...

Oooh, a good review! I'm heading over there now. ;-)