Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Inside a Writer's Toolbox

Yesterday, I thought about all those older people who do not have the Internet or order anything online. My mother has a lot of senior friends that have asked her about the release of 'Surrender the Wind'. I could send each of them a nice note. But then a better idea came to mind. Postcards.

I went to my Abingdon Yahoo Group and asked if anyone knew of a good online printing company. Sure enough two of my Abindgon sisters came through and suggested Overnight.com You can design your own stationary items, or use what they have. I chose the first.

I designed a postcard with the book cover on the front with a greeting and a brief synopsis. On the back I put "Published by Abingdon Press ~ August 2009" at the top. At the bottom I put an endorsement and my website.

Surrender the Wind
portrays a haunting world of passion, deceit, and betrayal redeemed by unwavering faith and love that will not be denied.
J. M. Hochstetler ~ author

I ordered 100 and it only cost about $21 which included shipping.
I also designed a stunning business card. A pink rose to the left, my name, then 'author', and my website in to the right in a beautiful italic font. Again 100 for about $21.

Even if you do not have a published novel, a writer should have business cards. If you write a blog, include it on your card. Start building a readership now. Don't wait until you have a book contract. If you can tell a publisher you have a contact list of X amount of readers, they will be pleased.

If you are pre-published, what kinds of things are you doing to build a readership?

If you are published, what kinds of tools do you use to reach people who are not Internet prone?

Eight more weeks left until the official release of 'Surrender the Wind'!

August 1


Jessica said...

Uh-oh. Well, I have my blog which I completely love, but I'm not sure it's building a readership because it's geared towards writers, more. Although I have thought that once I get published I'll start commenting and building relationship with mom/reader bloggers and I'll start posting more about books.
Hmmm...Got a facebook and myspace too. LOL
If I get an agent or a contract, I will be looking up bookclubs on yahoo groups and other stuff. We'll see.
Great question, and a little scary.

Glynis said...

I enjoyed my visit. I have a few blogs but have recently set up my author blog. It seemed a bit odd putting author and not ex nurse LOL
I am now the proud owner of 30 followers :))) I love the interaction as I live in the Cypriot hills (Brit Expat), and so don't come in contact with many writers.
I am at the 'one day' stage of my dream. Happy Scribbling Glynis