Friday, October 31, 2008

Characters --- Who Are They?

It's been a beautiful October in Maryland. The trees are vibrant with color this year. Almost three months ago, I sent Barbara Scott at Abingdon my manuscript. Surrender the Wind is due for release in exactly one year.

The news on the progression of the novel this week is as follows.

After thinking over the book cover, I considered who I would want to play the roles of my main characters, Se
th and Juleah, if Surrender the Wind happened to be made into a movie. I searched images online and found my perfect pair. I put together a character profile for each, with a photo of two of the best British actors around today, and sent it to Abingdon. I've also uploaded this to my homepage, along with a pictorial of the novel.

(British actor Dan Stevens. He’d be perfect in the role of Seth.)

Seth Braxton: (26) American patriot, son of a patriot, and grandson of an English squire. Seth is outwardly stoic, and he is a skeptic when it comes to anything handed to him by his grandfather. The gruesome realities of war have left him reserved. Yet, the Revolution taught him to be a man of faith and duty.

His own desires in life take a backseat to the needs of his sister, then later to his wife. Doing his duty is honorable to Seth. Seth is a Christian, as were most men of his day, and wrestles with such things as death, eternal life, and forgiveness. He sees life as a journey toward the Truth. He is also doubtful about true love, if it even exists, and is indifferent to it. Seth keeps his true feelings to himself. He will not reveal too much of his inner man. He prefers t
o be alone, unencumbered by human conversation. But this changes when he meets Juleah.

(British Actress Natalie Portman. She looks exactly how I picture Juleah.

Juleah Fallowes Braxton: (22) No powder, rouge, or wig, conceal Juleah Fallowes. She finds those habits marks of vanity. Her hair, long and dark, is brown as the color of oak leaves in autumn. Seth likens her eyes to the color of a moonstone. They sparkle full of spirit, clear a color as amber glass struck with noonday sun.

She is the daughter of an eccentric landed gentleman, who likes to romp barefooted in her father’s fields and wade in the pond on moonlit nights. She is a romanticist in many ways, a poetic creature with deep feelings. She is strong-willed, yet disciplined and passionate. She is not afraid to speak her mind, especially to Seth. She feels she must prove herself to him, that she is not the timid English girl that keeps her eyes always down, that only speaks when spoken to, that does not laugh in public or interject her opinion especially on matters of religion and politics. She wants him to see her as educated and a free thinker. Juleah is also loyal, and Caroline Braxton’s closest friend.


Jessica said...

I like Natalie Portman too. Your books sounds great! At it's heartening to hear that you heard back from Barbara within months.

Shelley said...

I think you chose a great actor and actress to portray your characters. While I'm not overly sure of their acting (Natalie's name does sound familiar though), I could see them as though they were your characters (while reading your descriptions).