Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Days We Live

A few thoughts today. I attended a 'wedding' last night. I don't know why people are getting married on weekdays except for maybe it is cheaper. But my husband had to take a day off of work without pay. So did other people. Fortunately it was in town.

I miss the old fashioned Saturday afternoon church weddings. I miss hearing Jesus mentioned, and that God joins these two people together, let no man put asunder. I miss hearing the exchange of vows. Call me old fashioned again, but I think white bridal gowns should be reserved for chaste young women, not women who have lived several years with a man. Gee, wear a color like pale pink or champagne. I guess this part of my blog will offend someone, but it is not meant to. It's nothing personal, just an opinion.

The other thing is not allowing children, even children that are family. I remember weddings growing up and everyone in the family were there --- babies, kids, teens, aunts, uncles, cousins... My kids were not invited, even though they are young adults, but for the bride's family, the kids were all there. It bothered my sons a bit, but then they were kind of relieved not to have to sit with a bunch of much older adults and listen to toasts.

When my niece got married a year ago, the reception room was filled with family and friends from babies, toddlers, kids, adults, to older people. The babies and toddlers bounced to the music out on the dance floor with moms and dads. Teens lined danced. It was a joyous time filled with love and laughter. My father used to say when we had get-togethers like that, as he looked around at the children he'd say, 'This is what it's all about'.

Speaking of kids, I have to throw this in.

My youngest son is a musician --- plays in a metal band. At age 20 he can still have a 'attitude' or be 'sweet as honey'. He's talented, ambitious. When he was a toddler, he'd walk around the house and yard with his plastic toy hammer tucked into the waistband of his pants, wore a G.I. Joe hat until it fell apart. He played football in the city league, then moved on to paintball and dreamed of playing in national tournaments. His team did win a lot of local ones. Now he is a musician and working. His picture here was taken last Wednesday night at a concert. He looks a bit like a rock star, don't you think? Or close to it? But maybe I'm being biased?


Celia Yeary said...

Hi, there--just checking in and found an interesting post. Weddings--how they are and the way we were. I, too, regret some weddings aren't by the rules--that is, the familiar happy throngs of friends and families who gather and eat, dance, play, and enjoy the day--all ages mingled together.
The one thing that bothers me the most is the lack of courtesies--for bridal gifts and for graduation gifts. You receive a beautiful invitation, you buy a gift, wrap it as beautifully as you can--or check a sizable check- take it to the wedding, or if it's hundreds of miles away, you spend ten dollars mailing it, especially with insurance in case your precious purchase is lost or broken. Same goes for graduation gifts of any kind.This has happened to me and my dh at least five times in the last four years. No reply, no thank you, not even a note saying the gift was received. In each case, I e-mailed or called the mother of the bride or graduate and asked--did so-and-so receive our gift. "Oh, yes," came the reply. "it arrived safely." But no thank you, no note, ever, from any of these girls, and no apology from the mother. Taken for granted. It not only makes me angry, it makes me sad. Celia

Inspire said...

Me too. Give a gift at a wedding, graduation, or baby shower and no thank you card. I guess etiquette and common courtesy is a dead art these days.

Jessica said...

I guess people want their weddings all perfect and solemn. No little kids to mess things up.
But I personally think weddings should be festive. It's all in the personality, I bet.

Wow, I can't believe you didn't receive thank yous.
Common courtesy. But sometimes, when you aren't taught to be thankful then you just don't think of that stuff. Kind of hard to believe for a wedding or babyshower though.

Very rude.